Tools of the trade

Bespoke design

Steven Jinks specialises in providing a bespoke jewellery service. Each commission begins with the view point that it is only through a collaboration between designer and customer, creatively exploring ideas and aspirations, that a unique and personal piece can be created for that individual or as a gift for a loved one.

Producing one-of-a kind pieces has long been a tradition in jewellery making and continues to play an important part for those who desire something a little different or contemporary. Designs can be hand drawn or increasingly are created virtually using specialized software that can offer the client a realistic image of what the final piece will look like. Finally, personalising a commission with a hand engraved message or motif is also available on request.

The bespoke service will usually begin with an informal meeting or conversation to discuss ideas, materials and budget. Once a design has been approved manufacture of your unique piece of jewellery will typically take 4ΓΆ€“5 weeks although a shorter time frame can sometimes be accommodated if necessary.

Please contact Steven for further information.